Adel Karanov

Licence number: 1319   Town: Roma, Italy   +39 389 5975 184   Adel Karanov Private guide in Rome with car (6 years Tour Guide Experience ...

Adriana Obretenova

Licence number: 1243

Albena Vassileva

"Светът е книга и тези, които не пътуват, четат само една страница". Августин Блажени 

Alena Dimova

License number: 1323   Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Alexander Mironov

License number: 1023

Alexander Nedyalkov

Licence nimber: 1022

Alexander Romanov

License number: 1288   Location: Burgas, Bulgaria

Alexander Shopov

Licence number: 1015

Ana Abadjieva

Je prends le chemin duquel j′ai toujours rêvé. J′apprends par les meilleurs. Je serais heureuse être votre guide sur ce chemin.   Estou a caminho ...

Angelina Angelova

Licence number: 1339     Town: Varna

Anita Nikolov:

Licence number: 1278

Anna Stoilova

License number: 1309   Location: Italy   Contact: Mobile: +359 899 109 828           +39 340 4267 900 E-mail:      

Barbara Stoyanov

Licence number: 1026

Bisser Popov

License number: 1297

Bonka Iordanova

Licence number: 1029

Boriana Kostova

Licence number: 1227

Branimir Belchev

License number: 1031

Darina Kostadinova

Licence number: 1045

Darina Mihaylova

Licence number: 1016

Denitsa Koseva

Licence number: 1178

Desislava Lazarova

License number: 1290   Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Desislava Vasileva Ilieva

Detelina Dukova

Licence number: 1362     City: Dobrich

Dian Karageorgiev

Licence number: 1353   City: Sofia

Dimitar Dimitrov

Licence number: 1314   Town: Veliko Tarnovo

Dimitar Georgiev

Licence number: 1048

Dimitar Kalinov

Dimitar Yonkov

License number: 1286

Dimitrichka Todorova

Licence number: 1047

Dimitrina Georgieva

Diyana Dimitrova

Licence number: 1392

Ekaterina Borisova

Licence number: 1258

Ekaterina Germanova-Bauer

Licence number: 1322   Town: Varna

Elena Alexandrova Staneva

License number: 1298   Location: Varna, Bulgaria    

Elena Georgieva

Licence number: 1053

Elizabeth Ferrara

Licence number: 1317 Town: Roma, Italy

Elka Tsvetanova

Licence number: 1177   Contact: Mobile + 359 896 255 996              E-mail:   Extensive work experience in all spheres of tourism and guiding. ...

Emilia Nenova

Licence number: 1138

Emilia Peeva

Licence number: 1056

Erdinch Tomash

Licence: 1371   City: Shumen

Evgeni Demirov

License number: 1052

Galia Gorneva

Licence number: 1383 

Galina Boneva

Licence: 1367   City: Varna

Galina Gospodinova

Mature and friendly, I have worked as a tour guide for many years. With a wide knowledge of the country and ...

Galina Tsekova

Licence number: 1007

Galya Kostova

Licence number: 1039

Georgi Rashev

Licence number: 1162

Giovanna Soloni

Licence number: 1318

Halida Stoilova

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