Hristina Dimova

Licence number: 1344     Town: Varna

Hristina Nedelcheva

Licence number: 1117   English - speaking Tour Guide in Bulgaria Personal Translator English – Bulgarian and vice versa With me as your tour ...

Hristina Nedialkova

License number: 1330   Location: Varna, Bulgaria   Competences: political science, economics, marketing. Interests: environmentalism, music, history, journalism, hungarology and sports.  

Hristo Hristov

Licence number:1377     City: Varna

Husein Huseinov

Licence number: 1199

Iliya Hristov

Licence number: 1359   City: Sofia

Ilka Ilieva

Licence number: 1348     City: San Marino

Irena Dobreva

Irena Mitsova

Licence number: 1386

Irina Artemevskaya

License number: 1327   Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Irina Shlikova-Bozhkilova

License number: 1295   Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Iskra Lyubcheva

License number: 1171

Ivelina Dimitrova

Licence number: 1066

Ivelina Ivanova

Licence number: 1065

Ivelina Mirazchiyska

Licence number: 1320   Town: Varna

Izabella Dimitrova

Jenia Shamis

Licence number: 1343     Town: Varna

Jetchka Boyadjieva

Licence number: 1224   Location: Varna, Bulgaria   Contact: Mobile: +359 887 693 192            +359 878 693 192 E-mail:  

Kaloyan Velikov

License number: 1161   Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Katia Georgieva

License number: 1282   Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Katia Kaloyanova

Licence number: 1070

Kiril Hristov

Licence number: 1071

Kiril Kirov

Licence number: 1072

Kostadinka Ortodoxova

Licence number: 1006

Krassimir Bozhinov

Licence number: 1172

Krassimira Trifonova

License number: 1241

Krassimira Yordanova

Licence number: 1151

Krastio Trendafilov

Licence number: 1168

Kristina Savova

Licence number: 1231

Kristina Tarachorova

Licence number: 1075

Lidiya Svirska

License number: 1328   Location: Roma, Italy

Lily Stafanova

Licence number: 1076

Liudvika Peicheva

Licence number: 1078

Margarita Mitkovska

License number: 1185

Margarita Pancheva

Licence number: 1210

Maria Dimitrova

Licence number: 1084

Maria Larmand

Licence number: 1214

Mariana Boeva

License number: 1140

Mariana Dimitrova

Licence number: 1336     Town: Varna

Mariana Gencheva

Licence: 1373     City: Varna

Mariana Minkova

License number: 1169    

Mariana Morarova

Licence number: 1173

Mariana Tsipova

Licence number: 1081

Marionka Kokushinkova

License number: 1259   Location: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria   Contact: Mobile: 00359 /0/876853961   e-mail:

Maya Mitsova

Mehmet Kara

License number: 1195   Location: Varna, Bulgaria   Contact: Mobile: +359 883 390 716 E-mail:

Miglena Parashkevova

Milena Antonova

License number: 1238

Milena Mladenova

Miroslava Ivanova

Licence number: 1249 Е-mail:
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